Coat tailing is becoming a popular past-time for many. While it’s not necessarily stalking, it’s kinda cute. I have a coat-tailer! In fact, it’s like having a little sister following me around; wanting to hang out with my adult friends.

How did I acquire this ‘little sister’? Well, we started out on a semi-friendly basis in a chat room. She writes a “blog” about… actually, I don’t really know what she writes about.

She just seems to just copy/paste from a chat room and then she interjects her thoughts on what was said from the confines of her barcalounger, which is covered in dried out and cracked, Crushed Corinthian leather; ripped off from the backseat of a 1979 Chrysler Cordoba, that her Dad drove when she was a kid.

Be that as it may….

If you have read my blogs (and over 1000 of you have… thank you!), I’ve written about “bullying” and its effect on others. There seems to be a big undercurrent of misunderstanding on what (cyber)bullying is, in comparison to a “quip or jesting” comment within the confides of a chat room.

This confusion lends some to believe that I am hypocritical, because of my jesting or joking commentaries, especially in a chat room.

So for those that are confused (and it seems we have a few), let the class begin.


Lesson 1: Crayons, Markers and Beautiful Colored Pencils….

So here we are with a “chat line” in which a woman was frustrated with other chatters, so she blurted this out to the entire chatroom. (the names are not important for this lesson)

Chatter1 ** if some of you people had to go without typing insults for an hr. you would die i think **

A response, heard around the world, was blasted back at her.

Chatter2 ** that was not very nice … I think (Chatter 1) puts her makeup on with Crayola 🤭

Time for the pop quiz!

The correct answer is “C”. Without understanding the history between these two chatters, you can’t understand whether a repeatable, aggressive pattern of abuse exists.
* If you answered “A”, you are wrong. There is no evidence of a repeatable, abusive behavior. It could be a joke.
* If you answered “B”, you are only assuming Chatter2 meant to be funny. You still need to understand whether Chatter2’s response is part of a reoccurring, repetitive pattern of abusive behavior, against Chatter1.

Let’s add some information and see what we can find between these two chatters.

 Chatter1 **Chatter2- i wasn’t talking about your ugly ass looks
 Chatter2** 🤭 I was joking!
 Chatter1** like hell you were
 Chatter1** You never said anything to me before and you expect me to take it as a joke the first time?
 Chatter2** hahahahahahahahahahahaha – I’ve said hello to you!
 Chatter2** True-we haven’t spoken about world peace or the hunger issues of Africa …..
 Chatter1 ** that’s probably why i always had you on ignore 


The correct answer is “B”. Obviously Chatter1 did not feel it appropriate for Chatter2 to take such a “luxury” in attempting a joke with her. It’s obvious Chatter2 meant it as a joke (notice the snicker?) but (meh) – not all quips / jests / jokes work.
* If you answered “A”, you are wrong (AGAIN). There is no evidence of a repeatable, abusive behavior. Even Chatter1 admitted, “You never said anything to me before…”
* If you answered “C”, you are reaching in the stratosphere of hypocrisy to find some “smoking gun” that Chatter2, is in some way, a bully.

Let’s talk about Hypocrisy


a person who indulges in hypocrisy.

Recently I was called a Pharisee; a delicious word that hasn’t seen daylight since its heydey when the Second Temple was destroyed back in 70 C.E. It was quite funny actually.

I believe she was trying to call me ‘pharisaical‘ but like most, she used Google to come up with her labeling. It’s okay. It is what it is.

The idea that I am hypocritical, is untrue. While I enjoy good banter; it does come with a (dry) quick wit that is not always well received. If I do offend, I will be the first to apologize. I do not purposely seek to dismember people online with my prose, nor do I seek to make “fun” or make light-hearted comments about one’s physical or mental conditions to which they have indicated.

Which by the way, I made a comment on this bloggers (blog) about how she made light of a persons claim of a disability. She even claimed, with no evidence whatsoever, that she didn’t. Ever since then, she has continued her school-grade level tirades against me.

My Lord, she has written several blogs thus far, but I think enough is enough. I won’t say it’s bordering on silly because that border was trampled over a long time ago.

So let’s get back to what a HYPOCRITE is…

I find the following things HYPOCRITICAL of this blogger:

  • She controls what comments get posted on her blog.
  • If she had an issue with my comment, she could have kept it unapproved and contacted me. We could have spoken about it
  • She approves of my comment and then chastises me in a blog because of the comment (that she approved)…

Does anyone see issue with this? Yea, me too. Listen – I get it. You want to drum up “business” for your blog and maybe you think pointing me out helps you in that endeavor. But let’s call a spade a spade.

None of this would have happened, if you had kept MY comment, on your blog, unapproved and spoken to me about it.